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Olivia Pellicer

Character Animator


-Global Dynamic - 2022

2D Character animator

2D character animation for Youtube TV JamVan.

- Osmo - Reading Adventure - iPad game - 2022

 Character animator

Animated in Spine assets for educational reading game.

-Straight To Tell - 2021-2022

Character animator

2D character animation for television pilot Two Dope Bugs.

- Bento Box - 2019-2021

 Character animator

2D character and effects animation for television and Netflix.

- Supernova Design - 2D Short film - 2018-2019

 Effects and character animator

2D Character and effects animation for a 3 minute short film.

-Macondo Games  - 2D game - 2018

 Asset and character animator

2D animation in the style of 80's cartoons. Various assortment of effects.

- Big Jump Entertainment - Animals season 3 - HBO - 2018


2D puppet animation, some puppet rigging.

- Osmo - Coding Jam - iPad game - 2017

 Asset rigger and animator, characters and objects

Rigged and animated in Spine assets ranging from bouncing rocks to playful cats.

-"The Ribbon" - 2D Short film - 2016-2018

 Senior animator

Designed and animated realistic unicorn character.

- Academy of Art University – 2016-2017

Lab technician

assist students with technical issues and creative problem solving

-  Covalent Gaming - Star Charge - Mobile Game - 2016

Asset animator

Created original animations for use in a mobile game.

-  “OK Turtles Group Income” crowdfunding video - Winter 2015-2016

2D Animator, storyboarder, clean-up, colorer, compositor

Animated an entire 2 minute Pixar-style short for crowdfunding campaign.

-  "Son of Liberty" by Michael Vickner - Fall 2013

2D Animator

Animated realistic horse charging at viewer, realistic bunny grooming behavior, realistic songbirds flying away in perspective.

- "Little Book of Monsters" Trailer by Mike Barnet - Fall 2012

2D Animator

Animated snake-like monster interacting with a cat.

-  Independent Film opening sequence for AJANAKU FILMS - March 2010

2D Animator, clean-up, colorer

Animated a realistic charging elephant to be the studio's opening clip.


  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Maya -animating, modeling,  rigging

  • Spine

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Toon Boom Harmony -animating, cleanup

  • Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

  • Zbrush


Academy of Art University, San Francisco CA

Graduated May 2015

School of Animation & Visual Effects

  • Major: Animation, emphasis in 2D character animation

Adc School online

  • Toon Boom Storyboard Pro training certification

Volunteer Work

  • Veterinary office of Dr. Carlos Garcia Alcaráz - 2008

  • SFSPCA Cat Shelter volunteer - 2009

  • San Francisco Zoo Docent - 2012-2017

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